Timeless Robert Sanchez

Timeless Ibiza with Roger Sanchez

26 - 27 oktober 2019
23:00 - 07:00

Labyrinth Club and Cafeína present Timeless Ibiza.

Timeless Ibiza is created for Ibiza lovers who are going to the party island since many years.
A reunion just after the summer where you can get together and bring back the memories from the past season, while listening to the most played tunes of Ibiza during the Nineties.
Waagnatie Antwerp will get a complete make-over in the same style and deco as the early days and will be animated by entertainers bringing the authentic Ibiza feeling back.

Line up:
  • Roger Sanchez
  • Tofke b2b Javi Muñoz
  • Delafino
  • Roma