Bonzai Retro 2018

17 november 2018
21:00 - 06:00

It’s time once again to get your rave gear on as we present Bonzai Retro 2018. On Saturday 17th November we will take over the vast, cavernous arches of the Waagnatie in Antwerpen, transforming it into a hotbed of full on banging beats, thumping basses and hands in the air synths.

Come and join throngs of seasoned ravers and get blown away by our new design including intelligent lighting, mesmerizing visuals and an absolute pumping sound system. All the hits from our vast and varied back catalogue spanning over 25 years will be belted out along with memorable other timeless classics.

To get us moving we have a star studded line-up featuring the best home-grown Bonzai talent as well as internationally acclaimed artists.

Join us for a night of frenzied retro hedonism with a soundtrack to get your nostalgia juices flowing, you know it makes sense.

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